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Keep your skin looking it's best!

Step One: Cleanse 

Cleanse twice a day. It may be easy to let this go is you’re not seeing anyone, but your skin will thank you! Be careful not to use too much product. Just a small amount is all you need.

Step Two: Exfoliate 

Make sure to choose the correct exfoliator for your skin. Granular scrubs work on the top layers, while chemical exfoliators penetrate deeper to help dullness and signs of aging. Be careful not to be too aggressive, this is a time when less is more. Always use gentle pressure when exfoliating. Another great tip is the measured micrograins can be applied as a mask.  Leave in on until it is dry, then wet again and exfoliate at the end! 

Step Three: Mask 

It only takes a few minutes to apply a mask. Are you a multitasker? Put on
a mask and do a quick task. Your time will be up before you know it! Also, don’t be afraid to mask while you sleep! This may sound crazy but some Bioelements masks can be left on overnight for amazing results in the morning - just be sure to check the directions. Also, don’t forget to mask your lips! 

Step Four: Toner 

Toning helps lock in the products that follow and helps re-balance the skin after any step. Be generous with your spritzing. You want to make sure your entire face, neck + v-area soak in the refreshing ingredients from your toner of choice. 

Step Five: Target 

Incorporate a targeted serum or treatment for what concerns you most - like dullness, redness, breakouts or hyperpigmentation. Bioelements has a wide array of products for each skin concern. The order of serums + treatments you apply is important. The first will penetrate the most, so choose the products that target your biggest concerns in order. Also, the thinner the product the easier it will absorb. You can also apply one during the day, then switch to another at night so you can get the greatest penetration of ingredients from each. 

Step Six: Moisturize 

Make sure to finish with the right moisturizer for your skin type. You want to properly seal in all your hard work without either over- or under-moisturizing. Your skin will drink the proper moisturizer right up!  Lastly, sunblock!  You may be getting out for more walks these days so don't forget your sunblock.  Enjoy the skin you're in!

Don't have the products you need?  Send us an email or call in your order and we can ship it to you!  319-447-2500
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