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We offer a variety of options to fit your needs.  We have multiple services packaged together to give you the optimal pairing and benefit.  We also have multiple treatment discounts for most of our services that we can discuss at your consultation.

Hair Removal Packages

Want to worry less about the embarrassment of unwanted hair?  Tired of shaving all the time?  Laser and Electrolysis are great methods to permanently remove your unwanted hair growth.  We offer multiple treatment packages for laser and electrolysis depending on your specific needs.

Skin Care Packages

Taking care of your skin is not a one time process.  Just like working out at the gym or getting your hair cut, skin care is ongoing.  To make this easier we offer many options for multiple service discount packages and combined service packages.  Let us help customize one just for you.

Anti-aging skin care, microdermabrasion,
Anti-Aging Package

Looking to improve improve the clarity of your skin?  Wish you were twenty again.  We can't make you twenty, but we can help your skin look younger.  Erase your fine lines, improve the color and texture of your skin.  The microcurrent treatment helps to lift and the LED treatment helps to firm the skin.  The microdermabrasion treatment smooths away dead skin cells revealing renewed skin that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark pigmentation.  This Anti-Aging Package includes a Microdermabrasion treatment with a customized facial, a microcurrent eye treatment, FlaxxC firming mask, & LED Therapy.  This is a premier experience that will not just impress you, but your friends too when they see how great you look!

Skin Rejuvenation Package

Come see what a difference we can make in your skin.  Try the Skin Rejuvenation Package which includes a customized facial selected just for you, a Chemical Exfoliation, & LED Therapy.  The combination of these treatments helps to refresh, smooth and tighten your skin.  This treatment can also be tailored for acne prone skin.

Acne Clearing Package

Imagine your skin being free of unsighlty blemishes.  Enjoy the clearer skin you have always wanted.  The Acne Clearing Package includes a Acne Clearing Facial & Led Therapy for acne.  These treatments when combined help achieve optimal clearing results that can be done weekly or as needed.

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