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Laser Hair Removal for men and women face and body

Laser Hair Removal

Imagine not having to tweeze or wax or shave each morning.  Having more free time to spend doing what you would like.  Laser hair removal can help remove those unsightly, unwanted hairs. 


At the Advanced Center for Electrolysis, Laser & Skin we offer the Light Sheer Diode laser for hair removal. Lasers use a specific wavelength of light to produce heat to stop the growth of hairs. These types of lasers do not affect the surrounding skin tissue, but are only absorbed by the hair follicle itself.

At a complimentary consultation a certified laser professional will evaluate your particular area to be treated. Factors that need to be taken into consideration are; your type of hair growth, color of the hairs and skin, skin sensitivity, previous hair removal methods, and underlying causes for hair growth. In both men and women, almost any area of the face or body can be treated with laser or electrolysis. Common areas for women are: upper lip, chin, bikini line, abdomen, legs, hairline, and underarms. In men, common areas are: abdomen, back, chest, ears, facial area, neck, and shoulders. Laser generally takes about four to eight treatments for any given area. Laser treatments are generally 6-12 weeks apart. Some individuals prefer to start with laser treatments and follow-up with electrolysis.

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